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Piano Moving

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Moving a piano is a specialized operation that requires specialized movers. Trusting a piano to a mover that isn’t qualified can destroy the soundboard and cost a significant amount of money in repairs. Pianos have delicate hammers and fragile keys that can easily be damaged if not moved carefully. A mover that drops the piano can complete destroy the tuning of the instrument and may cause the already tense strings to snap. Not only is this dangerous to the inexperienced movers, a broken string can completely destroy the soundboard and interior of the piano. The delicate finish on the outside of a piano must also be protected properly. High Touch Moving knows the proper way to transport a piano and can guarantee that no harm will come to the delicate instrument.

Trusted Local Piano Movers & Transport

Since piano moving is such a specialized skill, it is important for the customer ask the right questions prior to the move. A reputable company will protect the outside and inside of the piano from dust, debris and other potential hazards.

Moving a piano is expensive since it can’t usually be moved with other items. High Touch Moving secures the piano and protects it non-abrasive methods guaranteed to avoid harming the piano.

Pianos are moved in a climate controlled environment to prevent warping and deterioration of the wood. As temperatures rise and fall drastically, the tension of the strings on a piano change. To prevent this, our piano movers always move pianos in such a way to prevent drastic temperature changes.

Pianos are large musical instruments that require professionals to move the instrument safely and securely.

During a move, the piano can easily fall over as the momentum from turns can cause an improperly secure piano to move around in the back of the moving van. Often for additional security, grand and baby grand pianos require the removal of the legs.

Pianos were not meant to be moved long distances and too much stress on a single piano leg could cause the piano to collapse. Since pianos can weigh a significant amount, having the right amount of knowledgeable movers to disassemble and move the piano is necessary.

Don’t trust a piano movers job to any company that doesn’t have a proven record of safely moving pianos and other fine instruments.

Note: We are a Green Moving Company.

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