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Moving Tips

Top 10 Moving Tips from High Touch:

Use your moving experience as a ‘spring cleaning’ experience as well. The more you throw out, the less you have to move. Go through your things, organize them for packing, and decide what you will keep, sell, donate, or throw out.

If you have any bulky items, like furniture that you do not want, try contacting the local charity service or Salvation Army to make a donation. You can schedule a pick up online here.

When packing stay focused. Packing your entire life away could get distracting, looking at valuables you haven’t thought about much less looked through in maybe years. It’s best to not get caught up in memories when you’re packing, it will take up more time that you think.

Find a house moving package with a variety of boxes in different shapes and sizes suitable for an assortment of things you need to pack. This saves a bit of money and now you’ve got a wide size range of boxes. Also, consider the type of boxes you will be using for example recyclable cardboard boxes or reusable packing containers. If packing yourself is not for you check out High Touch Moving Company’s professional and efficient packing service.

Buy more boxes than you think you need! This way if you get to the stage of extreme fatigue at the end of your packing exploits you have a few extra ‘miscellaneous’ boxes to toss items in at the last minute.

As you are packing keep an inventory list of the content of each box and which box belongs in which room. Remember to label each box clearly, and especially label the boxes with fragile items with a large, noticeable colored marker as an extra precaution for your breakable valuables.

Check the new location’s loading and unloading zones before moving day. Make sure to work out the specific areas designated for you to load and unload on pick-up day and delivery day with the new city and with the moving company.

On moving day, get started as early as possible. You want to get as much daylight in as possible; it’s easier to move when there is sufficient light. Also, some moving companies charge for moving after the business day ends. The earlier, the better.

While unpacking keep a running list on hand of things that you realize that you need.

You must make plans for your pet during your move. If you are moving long distance you may want to consider a pet traveling service. If you are moving locally you may choose to leave your pet with a friend on moving day to prevent any mishaps. There’s always the option of keeping your pet in a pet carrier, but the animal may get scared. To avoid this try and keep your pet in a quiet room away from the commotion of moving day.

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