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When selecting a moving company make sure you understand the services and the rates the movers offers. Check with moving association and learn about the regulations that apply to the movers in your area. High Touch Moving put together Q&A for customers below:

Do some research on the moving companies who provide service in your area? Checking referrals and customer reviews is advised, as well as checking the company’s history and reputation. If you have concerns about the company’s experience handling specific valuable items such as antiques, do not hesitate to call and ask.

At High Touch Moving we do not accept only cash but other forms of payment. Be sure to ask what form of payment is accepted.

The more advance notice you can give the moving company, the more time you have to get everything in order with them. However, if your time to move is limited, we can still work with you.

The basic cost of your move will be based on the volume of your goods and the mileage involved in the move. An agent from the company performs an evaluation and writes a detailed estimation of the cost of the move based on these factors and on the services you request. The estimate is usually done free of charge. It is important that you try to include everything you want moved.

You can receive either a non-binding or a binding estimate. As the consumer, it would be wise to do a little research and become familiar with these two types of estimates. Each has a set of regulations that the company must follow and that will have bearing on the total cost of your move.

You are responsible to fill out an inventory sheet for your valuable belongings that need special packaging, whether you pack them yourself or hire the movers to pack them. If they are not packaged adequately, the company may refuse to move them or request that you repack them. You will also sign the sheet upon arrival to verify that they were moved without loss or breakage. It is a good idea to be present when the packing is being done, even if you are not doing it yourself. The same is true for the loading and unloading.

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