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Use a Moving Company for Moving your Antiques

Whether you are a collector of antiques or you work for a museum that needs to relocate rare valuables, moving them without damaging them takes great care and planning. The first step is to hire a moving company NY that has experience with handling delicate items of great value. If you are not sure where to find a moving company with this experience, then ask people in your social network for recommendations. Another option is to search online for companies in your local area that can do the job to your satisfaction.

Packing antiques is a tricky process. You need to decide if packing in regular boxes is appropriate or if it is better to crate the item. Crating is good for particularly delicate items that are easily damaged. This includes glass antiques like chandeliers and mirrors. If you choose to use regular boxes, be certain to wrap the piece carefully. If the furniture has loose parts, secure those parts prior to wrapping, crating, or boxing the item. It is a good idea to use packing materials to prevent the antique from moving around in the box or brushing up against other items that may be in the box or crate with it. A commercial moving company NY staff with experience moving antiques should know how best to pack it.

Prior to the move, be certain to discuss that you are moving antiques with the moving company NY staff. In addition to making sure they arrive with the right equipment that may be needed for transporting your antiques, they may be able to offer insight on the best way to secure the package to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. This is also a good time to discuss insurance and protection plans with the mover. If the worst happens and an antique is damaged, an insurance policy provides recourse for recovering the value of the item.

All boxes with antiques should be marked FRAGILE. If the items are being moved as part of a household move, then set them aside in a separate part of the home. When the movers arrive to begin the process of transporting your belongings, point out the antiques to them. They can then work on incorporating the antiques into the truck in a safe and secure way. Your antiques are valuable and you want to protect your investment. Work with a professional moving company NY staff to ensure everything arrives at the destination in one piece.

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