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Fine Art Moving

Professionals in the art of moving fine art.

Trusted Art Movers NYC

Nothing is more stressful and hectic than a last minute move. While items like clothing and sturdy furniture can be easily packed and transported, moving fragile items requires professional services. High Touch Moving alleviates the anxiety of an immediate relocation by safely packing and shipping valuable heirlooms and artwork.

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Fine Art moving is an industry in itself.

Old, delicate pieces need to be packed by movers who have been trained to care for such items. Much of the damage that any antique will have incurred is due to sloppy transport, and expert packing can prevent further damage.

Fine art must be packed and padded in specially constructed crates;

laymen cannot simply place them in boxes and fill in gaps with bubble wrap. Since so much art goes missing while being moved, it is important to hire trustworthy movers. People who are relocating should hire art movers who are expressly qualified in fine art moving.

A long distance move in particular requires trusted movers.

Very often, people will have all of their possessions packed and shipped ahead of them and then follow at their own pace. The news is full of horror stories about people who arrive to empty houses and never see their possessions again. Hiring High Touch will prevent this.

Moving a piano is one of the trickiest parts of relocation.

This is why newspapers are filled with advertisements offering free pianos to anyone who either owns a large truck or can afford to have it delivered to his or her house. A fine art movers NYC company is a good resource for piano moving, allowing people to keep their pianos instead of having to part with them. The packing services of a fine art moving company extend to pianos as well. It will arrive at its destination in the exact condition in which it left its former residence.

High Touch Moving is a licensed, bonded and insured company that is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. It is rated highly in both residential and corporate moving services.

When a business must relocate or downsize, professional movers are necessary to move the heavy desks and filing cabinets. A longstanding business may have decades’ worth of heavy paper records and accumulated books to move. A corporation cannot afford to have any of its records lost or damaged, and High Touch never fails to deliver all items intact.

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