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Corporate Relocation and Moving

Efficiency is the key.

Corporate Relocation Services

When you know how difficult even moving one family can be, you’ll understand why corporate moving is exponentially more challenging. We have expert packers and movers, who will alleviate some of the stress on you and your business associates.

If your business move takes too long, you’ll lose money, so you need to have a plan and stick with it, to get everything transported to your new building as quickly as possible. High Touch Moving understands the ins and outs of corporate moves. We have people who have shown their expertise in moving corporations

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and affiliates with the Better Business Bureau and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. We know how to move your corporate offices in the most cost-effective way, without sacrificing good customer service. We know there are great constraints on your time, and we’ll work to get your office equipment and furnishings into your new building as soon as is safely possible.

You can take a proactive role in your corporate moving venture

by allowing us to be flexible in scheduling, so that your business won’t be as seriously affected. We can also work with you on cubicles and networking equipment that may have special needs.

Our corporate relocation services include:

* full inventory system
* color-coded labeling system
* preparation of electronics
* full packing and unpacking
* custom crates when needed
* short and long term storage
* hoisting
* dis-assembly and re-assembly

Your business probably depends on computers and their networks for functionality and efficiency. We will take great care with your electronic equipment, along with the other types of furnishings you have in your offices and work areas.

In corporate relocation, there are many challenging aspects of changing your work location. Hiring our full-service movers will make the move less stressful for everyone involved. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have in the run-up to your relocation.

You may be able to package some of your items ahead of time, if they are not used in the daily workings of your business. This will allow you to concentrate only on the office equipment and other pieces that need to be packed on moving day.

Each relocation to corporate offices requires a personal touch, and we will be happy to work with you and your employees, to make the move go smoothly. We pledge to give you the best service from your old location to your new offices. Request a commercial moving estimate.

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