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Tips for Strategic Packing

Moving in Brooklyn

Outside of actually moving your belongings from one home to the next, packing will be one of your biggest chores. When done correctly, packing can reduce the risk of possessions being broken during the transport and make it easier to unpack once you reach your destination.

If you are having the Brooklyn Movers company pack for you

then you don’t have to worry about completing this task. However, if you are doing your own packing to save money, then you should use these tips for strategic packing to assist you in packing smart to make life easier for you.

First, make sure you have all of the tools you need for the task. In addition to boxes of varying shapes and sizes, you will need marking pens, bubble wrap, newspaper, scissors, and tape. Make sure you get tape that is specifically made for sealing up boxes. Any other type of tape may not have enough holding power and break under the pressure of the contents in the box. Another item you may want to invest in is twisty ties or string. This is for securing cables, plugs, and other loose cords. It may also be a good idea to purchase labels to stick on the cords so you know which devices they go to. Many of these items can be purchased from a Brooklyn moving company.

When packing, try to keep like things together. For example, put all of the cords and cables in one box or put all of the small kitchen appliances in another box. Although you will want to use heavy duty boxes that will stand up to the rigors of moving, do not pack more than 50 pounds worth of stuff into one box. Too much stuff can break the box and cause the items to spill out onto the ground when the staff from the Brooklyn moving company picks it up. To avoid having the items damage each other, wrap them in bubble paper, newspaper, or tissue.

Heavier items should go on the bottom of the box. Specialty items, like mirrors or antiques, should go into their own special cartons. Talk to the staff at the Brooklyn moving company if you have unique items that require special care during transport. They can provide advice on how best to pack them. Write on all of the boxes the rooms that the items go to. This will make it easier to sort items once they make it to your new home.

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