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    Tips on combining 2 household

    Many couples think that getting married is the biggest challenge facing them. Unless they have been living together for awhile, however, the biggest challenge isn’t getting hitched but combining two separate households into one. Deciding what stays, what goes, and how the home will be arranged can drive some couples to consider divorce. It can be even more frustrating if you have different storage styles. Some people like to save everything “just in case”, while others throw out items if they even think they may be useless. Before you call the Queens movers and have your stuff sent to your new home, here are a few tips for combining households.

    Start Small – Start the process by making decisions on the innocuous things, like small kitchen appliances. Starting small can set a positive tone for later when you need to make decisions on bigger items like the furniture. Chances are good that you know you probably won’t need two blenders or two coffee makers. Therefore, it will be easy for the two of you to determine which one to keep. Either give the unwanted items away or sell them to earn extra money to pay the Queens movers.

    Be Compromising – You are starting your new life together, so you want the Queens movers to put furniture that belongs to both of you in it. Unless the items are simply unusable or dangerous, don’t be quick to throw away all of one person’s stuff. You want your home to be comfortable for both you. Even if the couch doesn’t exactly match the living room table, it is better for the area to have a little bit of both of you rather than have one person dominating. Being gentle and understanding with each other during this time is the best way to start your new life and get through the process with as little resentment as possible.

    Make Use of Storage – If there are things that neither one of you are willing to budge on, it may be a good idea to rent a storage unit. The Queens movers can transport the items to the unit, where they will sit until you two can come to a greater understanding later on. Although this will cost more money, it may be the thing you need to keep peace in your new household. As an alternative, you can place excess furniture into other rooms if your new home is big enough to accommodate it all.

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