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    Packing Supplies


    Packing Supplies

    Packing Supplies: Let us Pack for You

    Of all the things you have to do to prepare for your move, finding the right supplies is one of the most important.  Buying the right size boxes for all of your valuables ahead of time is a smart move, along with figuring out how to pack something that cannot fit in a box, like a piano or large piece of artwork for instance.   High Touch Moving Company saves you a lot of time and effort looking for moving supplies and they also happen to be a green moving company.

    High Touch Moving can provide you with cardboard boxes for moving with the expectation that they will be recycled after the move is completed.  High Touch Moving also offers non-cardboard box options; reusable packing containers can be used instead of cardboard boxes so as to be even more environmentally conscious.  High Touch Moving offers cardboard boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes including all-purpose boxes, wardrobe boxes, book boxes, china boxes, picture and mirror boxes, lamp boxes, mattress boxes, even book boxes.  These boxes are all brand new and made specifically for moving and storage.  Other boxes may not be sturdy enough to hold and secure your valuables for your move.  List of boxes and sizes

    • All-Purpose Boxes are great for packing miscellaneous items like linens, books, CD’s, photo albums, and any other mildly heavy items.  Remember that as the box gets bigger, the items in the box should get lighter.  We have a range of all-purpose moving boxes:

    1.5 cubic moving box

    This should be used for small heavier items; photo albums, CD’s, utensils, books and other mildly heavy items should go in this box, the smallest moving box.

    3 cubic foot moving box

    Double corrugated cardboard, medium sized moving box

    4.5 cubic foot moving box

    Double corrugated cardboard, large size moving box

    6 cubic foot moving box

    The largest double corrugated all-purpose moving box, best used for lighter objects.

    Quick Tip:

    Small box for small stuff, large box for large stuff    (Correct)

    Small box for light stuff, heavy box for heavy stuff  (Incorrect)

    -otherwise the boxes will be more difficult to move


    Wardrobe Boxes are specifically designed boxes for packing clothing.  These boxes have a metal bar along the top of the box ideal for hanging clothes on the hanger

    24″ x 21″ x 48″ wardrobe box

    China Boxes are made of double corrugated cardboard for extra strength and durability, as well as for minimal damage to your fragile items.  They are the best for packing dishware, glasses, and anything else breakable.

    28″ x 18″ x 18″ china box

    You may also be interested in Dish Packing Inserts which are cardboard inserts that go between the items in your box as an extra precaution against breaks.  They are modifiable to fit to your specific fragile items.

    You will also need some kind of cushioning to wrap your fragile items.  Use Bubble Wrap or Newspaper (if you’re worried about the ink from the newspaper bleeding onto your goods, try white, unprinted newspaper called Packing Paper)  Tissue Paper is also used as an alternative wrapping source because it is softer than newspaper and will not scratch even the most extremely delicate items.

    Fragile Labels are going to be a tremendous help for labeling your boxes.   They are big and noticeable which is exactly what you want when dealing with very delicate valuables.  These come twelve per package.

    Picture and Mirror Boxes are long thin boxes for framed pictures and mirrors.

    40″ x 32″ x 4″ picture/mirror box

    We also offer a four piece box that is adjustable to conform to fit most frames.

    Other than boxes for the items that are easily packed away, High Touch Moving Company also offers markers for labeling, tape for closing the boxes, post-it’s for color coding boxes, bubble wrap for wrapping fragile items and they also offer a furniture moving service, a piano moving service, and a fine art moving service.  Some of these items are extremely delicate and require special care in order to transport them so as not to inflict damage on the item.  High Touch Moving has specially trained and qualified licensed, bonded, and insured movers to move your antiques, instruments, and furniture.  Don’t forget:

    Bubble Wrap: comes in 12” x 174’ roll

    Packing Tape: comes 2” x 60’

    (The best way to tape your moving box is across the middle of the box then along two edges, so that when you are finished it will look like a big H on the top and bottom.  This reinforces your moving box.  Never forget to tape the bottom of your moving box!)

    Tape Dispenser

    Markers: remember to LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

    Mattress Bag: For extra protection after New York’s bed bug scare, you can never be too careful.


    Here’s a little allegory about the dangers of not using new moving boxes:

    In my younger days of working as a cashier in a health food market in Queens NY I remember the people that would come in and ask if we had any extra empty produce boxes that hadn’t been broken down yet.  This question requires an explanation, so when asked what for, they’d respond that they were moving out of their apartment and they didn’t want to buy boxes.  Now as someone on the inside at the market, I knew that the boxes were in no condition to hold light loads, much less heavy loads.  They were wet, used, and holding on by a thread to not break apart into pieces from just sitting on the floor.  Alas, the people would take them anyway.  One time a customer came back over the next few days with a complaint, not about something they bought in the store, but about our boxes breaking once they were packed and spilling her valuables onto the floor.  Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing I could do for these individuals but listen to the complaints and think to myself, they should have probably bought new moving boxes in the first place.  Now I think those people definitely didn’t use one of the professional movers who would have advised against the shady boxes for packing and encouraged those individuals to purchase moving boxes.



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