• Managing Successful Relocation

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    Planning a long distance move is a daunting prospect. From finding a new home to lining up jobs, schools and child care, you have enough to worry about. Fortunately, you can make this feat manageable with the assistance of an experienced long distance moving NY company. Movers who are well-acquainted with long distance moves can provide you with the advice and expertise needed to make your transition as smooth as possible. With your belongings safe in the hands of a qualified moving company, you will be free to relax and enjoy the rest of the trip, knowing that your items will arrive safe, sound and on time.

    One of the biggest challenges of a long distance move is finding a new place to live. You’re limited in your opportunities to look at homes and apartments when you’re conducting your search from a distance. Many individuals prefer to find a temporary living arrangement such as a long-term hotel first. It’s much easier to find the right home when you’re able to explore the neighborhoods firsthand. In these situations, a long distance moving NY company with access to a storage facility is essential. High Touch Moving provides one month of free storage for long distance moves. Storage options are available for other lengths of time as well.


    With a long distance move, there could be days or even weeks between the day you load the truck and the day your belongings arrive. It’s especially important with this type of move that you organize your belongings carefully. You’ll want easy access to the essentials such as beds, sheets, towels and shower curtains first. Items such as wall hangings, fine china and knick knacks should be among the very last things you unpack. On arrival, you need to know how to get to the items you need most. An experienced long distance moving NY company can help you pack and label your belongings for efficient organization.


    Every inch of space is prime real estate when you’re trying to fit your entire life into a moving truck. To make things as efficient as possible, you may need to disassemble some of your furniture. If the thought of taking everything apart and getting it back together again seems like a nightmare, you can have your long distance moving NY company do the work for you. High Touch Moving offers dis-assembly and re-assembly so you’ll never need to worry about how the pieces go together. These little touches make a big difference in simplifying your long distance move and making relocation manageable.

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