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    Local moves are usually a simple affair, relocating from one neighborhood to the next. Local moves in NY, however, can be an entirely different experience. With five distinct boroughs, New York City can feel like it’s actually composed of several different cities, each with its own distinct profile. If you’re moving from the city to a rural area in New York, you will feel like you’ve moved to a new state entirely. The best way to keep your move here organized is to choose a moving company like High Touch Moving that’s familiar with the area. The right movers will be experienced with a local New York move.

    Local moves in NY almost always necessitate the use of a moving company. Very few residents here have cars, and loading your belongings up on the subway or in a taxi simply isn’t an option. The best and most organized way to get your things from one side of New York to another is in one single truck load. Get an onsite estimate to ensure that the truck you order will be big enough to accommodate all your things. Consider hiring a company that offers dis-assembly  and re-assembly services as well to break down large pieces of furniture and make the most of all the space you have.


    Whether you’re packing up to move a family home or a single studio apartment, organization is key to a successful relocation. Even with local moves in NY, packing and unpacking can take days. You’ll need to know where all your essentials are right away. Consider packing suitcases with toiletries and a few days’ worth of clothes to keep these things on hand through the initial days of your move. Clearly label all boxes with the room they go in and a summary of their contents. If you need advice on packing, or even help filling your boxes, many moving companies will offer this service.


    To keep local moves in NY as simple as possible, begin the process early. Start packing a box or two a day as soon as you know you’re planning to move. If you wait till the last minute you may run out of boxes or end up with a hodgepodge of random items stuffed in anywhere they’ll fit. Moving companies often refuse to handle small loose items, so it’s essential that you prepare for the big day as thoroughly as possible. Ideally, your apartment will be all boxes and neatly stripped furniture when your moving company arrives so the professionals can do their job.

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