• Common Moving Questions

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    Common Moving Questions

    Moving Questions

    Most people are not experts on moving.  Moving and packing can be quite a difficult and confusing time in our lives.  Unlike the average civilian, high touch movers are experts on moving.  Many questions may arise that were never pondered before, besides the most candid question: Where am I going to move?  High Touch Moving Company is more than aptly prepared and willing to answer any of your moving or packing questions.  There are many different types of moves; business moving, residential moving, college moving, all of these types of moves have specific requirements for their specific needs.  For example, when moving into a college dorm some electric appliances are not allowed in the rooms, or when relocating a business it may be best to organize a gradual move in order to maximize productivity throughout the course of your companies move.  The moving professionals at High Touch Moving Company handle all types of moves from college dorms to apartments to business relocation to homes; so, it would be fair to say that they, rather regularly, receive all sorts of moving questions.  Here are some moving questions that one might assume come up fairly commonly.

    When should I start packing?  Truthfully, you can really never start packing early enough when you’re planning for a move.  Besides the early hassles of the new location, you’ve also got to focus on getting the old location packed up and ready to move.  It’s generally said to start packing about six to eight weeks before your planned moving day.  The earlier you start to pack the less stressful the move will be, guaranteed.  There is nothing more overwhelming than realizing that moving day is tomorrow and your still standing in a fully unpacked apartment or office (I know that first hand).

    How do I choose a Mover?  I would suggest word of mouth, with proper research, just to make sure your recommender wasn’t just easily satisfied.  Some great ways to research a moving company is to check on the Better Business Bureau website, on which High Touch Moving received a top rating for accreditation.  Also be sure to read plenty of reviews and testimonials from other customers in order to get a sense of the history of the moving company.  Make sure the company is licensed and insured and find out the company credentials, which should be clearly listed on the moving company’s website.

    When should I hire the movers?  The answer to this question is the same as the first question; you can never hire the movers early enough.  The more advanced notice you give the moving company, the better.

    How will I be charged?  There are a number of different elements of service your moving company may charge you for, like the capacity of the move, how far away you’re moving, how many movers you will need to move you, how many of your belongings require specialized packing (like pianos or fine art), and whether or not you will use the moving company’s packing service.  If there are ever any doubts as to how much moving will cost, don’t hesitate to call High Touch Moving Company to discuss both binding and non-binding estimates for your move.

    As the person moving, what am I accountable for?  As the relocated, you are responsible for being present at the time of the move, at the time of packing, and at the time of delivery so that you can witness the handling of your items and sign the inventory list stating that your belongings were handled with care and made it to their destination point unharmed.

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